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Winning Roulette Software

about WRS37.

3 things are essential to make regular money at Live European Roulette:

1 – A smart playing system:
WRS37 has it.
2 – Good money management:
WRS37 has it.
3 – Self-discipline:
If you can tick the 3rd, you are tooled up to join any live table! –

WRS37 (Winning Roulette Software) was born from an algorithm that was created by defining and adding precise rules from 27 significant criteria in order to increase the success rate of Live European Roulette.


What types of roulette?

WRS37 is designed to be used with European Roulettes or variants, with a single “0” and a wheel throw in both directions.


European Roulette is undoubtedly the most emblematic game in the casino universe because thanks to its unique "0" it optimizes your chances of winnings unlike American Roulette which has an extra "00".


Over the course of history, several variations of European Roulette have emerged, but they always follow the same game format i.e 18 of the numbers in the roulette wheel are black and 18 are red with a single green zero.

Video Tutorial WRS37
(Winning Roulette Software)

Find out how simple it is to use it!


How WRS37 works?

Simple as that!

Note the last 38 numbers drawn


Select your Bet Type


Select your Mode


And let WRS37 guide you!

WRS37 (Winning Roulette Software) is fully integrated software where both calculation

and action take place at the same time.

No need to switch between WRS37 (Winning Roulette Software) and the casino website using the “ALT+Tab” shortcut or without having to use several screens. No, nothing like that here! We are talking about user-friendly piece of software that’s pinned on top of the live roulette video.

This super useful feature allows you to enter the different combinations to be played in a few seconds without taking your eyes off the roulette thanks also to the voice option available in 3 different languages. This highly reduces the risk of typing errors.

That’s not all! WRS37 has been created to give you an advantage over the casino, and so to be profitable over the long term with flat stakes, that is to say without having to use any Martingale system that could easily blow up your entire bankroll.

The 8 bet types and the 4 different betting modes that you can couple with our parlay system will give you a significant advantage over the normal player.

The possibilities are numerous, we have no doubt that you will quickly take this wonderful tool in hand and adapt it to your own way of betting!


WRS37: Main Advantages

The ultimate goal of WRS37 is to provide you with a live unique winning experience!

Live Casino

Experience the thrill of Live Casino in your own home by taking a place at a game roulette table with WRS37 (Winning Roulette Software)!

Just make yourself comfortable wherever you want in your home and play as you would at a land-based casino but with the big advantage of being able to choose your play strategy so that you can up this experience to the next level i.e increase your chance of winnings!

Winning Roulette Software

algorithms and strategies

By analyzing the behavior of our algorithm, we were able to create the appropriate strategies according to the desired results. It is adapted to a very precise configuration, for which it has been programmed to act according to an initially defined procedure to guide you in your bets.

Winning Roulette Software

Optimize your bets

To optimize the betting time, the pinned software and the voice mode are two great features that are indispensable for an ideal way to bet. Plus, because statistics, betting history and data analysis are at your hand with WRS37 (Winning Roulette Software), you can organize your bets by selecting your type of bets and mode that works for you! Data you’ll never find in any live casino!

Winning Roulette Software

Control Your Emotions

WRS37 is an emotion channeler because it replaces the inevitable changes in decision making during your adrenaline rushes thanks to its various indicators. It allows you to remain disciplined and faithful to the initial strategy.

Winning Roulette Software

Pricing Table.

Simply choose your plan to get starting!
Annual License
  • 8 Bet Types
  • 4 Bet Modes
  • 3 languages
  • Voice Mode
  • Unlimited Time Session
  • Parlay System
  • Free Support
  • Free Updates
Lifetime License
  • 8 Bet Types
  • 4 Bet Modes
  • 3 languages
  • Voice Mode
  • Unlimited Time Session
  • Parlay System
  • Free Support
  • Free Updates

Frequently Asked questions

If you do not find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

WRS37 is designed to be used with European Roulette and variants, at live casino with live dealer. Never don’t play with either RNG (a Random Number Generator) or Electronic Airball Roulette.

Once you have entered the last 38 results (the casinos display the last 25, 50 or 100 so there is virtually no waiting time), you must point in the direction of the last turn of the wheel so that WRS37 can calculate the next numbers to bet. This is one of the many criteria in the algorithm.

Absolutely! Thanks to its pinning system (optimal visual position to pin WRS37 on any live casino site) and vocal number feature, you don’t have to take your eyes off the grid and stay focused on the numbers you want to write down.

After signing up in a live casino, you can get the most out of WRS37 by accessing one of two plans (annual or lifetime). WRS37 is a stand-alone software program designed to maximize your chances of winning and achieve your ultimate goal.

WRS37 is available in 3 languages that are: English, Spanish AND French.

Your computer configuration, operation system and installed Software must comply with our technical requirements that currently are:

– Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 2016 DC, Windows 2019 DC
– Processor: 1 GHz Pentium processor or equivalent
– Memory RAM: 1 GB
– Disk Space Requirements: 50MB
– Screen Resolution: 1280×720 (minimum)
– WRS37 doesn’t work under Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iPhone. To overcome this restriction, we advise you to use a VPS to be able to use it.

The short answer is no.
No matter the payment option the plans include the same features. It just depends on your preferences and how long you plan to use the product.
But note that a lifetime license will allow you to use the licensed WRS37 indefinitely.



To find out more by clicking on pictures to enlarge.
Main interface WRS37
Main Interface

It is divided into 3 different blocks: Account, Strategy and Live Session.

WRS37 Betting History
Betting History

Analyze your bets and use the data to improve your results by consulting your betting history

Data Analysis WRS37
Data Analysis

Deep analysis of your results! This awesome tool will be a precious help to refine your strategies with its pivot table coupled with filters!

winning roulette software

Select the Bet Types, Voice Speed and Strategy you want to. Set your Session Time Limit and your Unit Stake.


The 27 criteria for the current session are continuously updated following results.

winning roulette software
Statistics Numbers

Statistics of drawn and undrawn numbers as well as option bettings for the current session.

winning roulette software

Profit/Loss by Numbers and Betting Options for the current cession

Graph Statistics

At a glance, you can follow the evolution of your profit/loss by spin with a graphical representation.

Start to improve your success rate.


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If you understand the statistics (if you understand what the bank margin is and which bets are better than others), you can hit the heights. There is no casino game that is not based on probability. The bank wants to make sure that it has a better chance of winning than the players. Your local store will go out of business if it sells apples for less than it buys them. This also applies to roulette. – no profit margin, no bank! Without probability, the game would never have been invented.

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