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WRS37 and the Live Roulette

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Don’t expect to get rich in a single stroke of the magic wand while playing roulette. However, to be able to win money in the long run, you will have to follow certain rules and tips. To play optimally: Always play with roulette wheels with a SINGLE zero (European Roulette and variants). NEVER play with American roulette, the extra “0” is designed to increase the house advantage by reducing your… Read More »WRS37 and the Live Roulette

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How do I choose the best LIVE casinos?

The purpose of this article is not to promote any particular casino by taking you to sites recommended by affiliate links, but we do want to give you some tips to help you sort through all the LIVE Casinos. First of all, don’t confuse LIVE Casino with ONLINE Casino. The main distinction between a LIVE Casino and an ONLINE Casino is that the first one is a real casino with… Read More »How do I choose the best LIVE casinos?

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