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WRS37 and the Live Roulette

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Don't expect to get rich in a single stroke of the magic wand while playing roulette. However, to be able to win money in the long run, you will have to follow certain rules and tips.

To play optimally:

  • Always play with roulette wheels with a SINGLE zero (European Roulette and variants).
  • NEVER play with American roulette, the extra “0” is designed to increase the house advantage by reducing your odds (if you find a site offering only American roulette, then don’t play!).
  • Always play with Live Casino (a REAL casino with LIVE dealers).
  • Run away from online casinos that are supposedly machines that use RNG (a Random Number Generator), however randomised that are they are actually very complex algorithms programmed to make you lose.
  • Likewise run away online casinos using Electronic Airball Roulette.
  • Always know your limits by managing your play time and winnings/losses.
  • Stop thinking that bad luck is solely responsible for your bad results: there is also the house advantage and your own actions.
  • The only way to gain an advantage and win at roulette is to practice with live roulette play and learn how to handle all the situations that may arise at the table.
  • Control your emotions: your nerves will be put to the test during the phases of big gains as well as losses. Just as every spin of the wheel is the same, so too should be your cool.
  • Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to a new field of play and start your journey into the world of live casino. To do this, you will need to make a deposit so that you can access all the rooms LIVE. Immerse yourself in the room and its atmosphere, build an instinct as to how players think and react, get to know roulette and understand the table. The best way to achieve this is to join a live table WITHOUT BETTING. Just WATCH. And LEARN. When you think you’ve got it: watch a little more and start to make mental plays. Then, when you feel ready go with REAL bets.
    No need to rush, the wheel will always be turning!
  • Do not bring to the table more money than you can afford to lose. This way you’ll play with a clear mind so that you make fewer rushed decisions and mistakes.
  • Another crucial element of any winning system is having a fund that is built to last. Don’t bring £150 to the roulette table if you plan to bet £50 every time. In other words, scale you bank to your stakes e.g. £150 suggests maximum stake in the region of £2.

WRS37 was born from an algorithm that was created by defining and adding precise rules from 27 criteria in order to increase the success rate of Live Roulette.

WRS37 is a software program that has been designed to take into account all of the rules and tips listed above to guide you in your decision making when playing at a Live Roulette table. If you are looking to improve your success rate at Live Roulette, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, WRS37 will help you do just that!

WRS37 was designed:

  • To work only with Live Roulette with a SINGLE zero (European Roulettes and variants) AND for roulette wheels thrown in BOTH directions by the dealer.
  • Thanks to its video integration system, you have access to the essentials on a single screen: you follow and note the draws at the live casino roulette table and depending on the results, WRS37 will determine what you need to bet: Numbers, groups of numbers, colors, even, odd, columns… You also have the facility to interact with the dealer.
  • WRS37 indicate you the amount of your winnings/losses and time spent. The golden rule for being a long-term beneficiary is not to bet for a long period of time and to set a percentage of gains (e.g. 5% of your capital) and a limit on losses e.g. 5% of bank. Remember to stop when the time/gain-loss deadline has arrived: No point in chasing losses and winnings can turn to losses!
  • Keep in mind that WRS37 is your guide, your personal analyst and your emotion controller. Always follow the draws offered by WRS37 regardless of your previous winnings or losses.

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WRS37 and the Live Roulette

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